Bret WardBret Ward

As manager and then owner of this company, it was my goal from the beginning to create a service oriented business that provides customer service and quality products.

I began my working history right out of high school as an electronic technician. This experience supported the next move as a test technician in a manufacturing company, which evolved to the start of a new career in this company as well as three others in the field of production, inventory and material control. After 23 years of working for others, my father, Elmer Ward, the owner of P-51 Man O War, asked me to manage his recently purchased P-51 parts company, Pioneer Aero Service. After a short review of the company assets I was challenged with the opportunity to run a small retail business and the possibility to apply my past experience.

After 20+ years at the helm of Pioneer Aero Service I retired with the confidence that Ginny and Greg could continue to operate the company in the manner which I had established and continue to support the P-51 community with service and parts. I do continue a limited ongoing involvement in Pioneer Aero Service but mostly enjoy travel between Oregon and California and doing as much motorcycle riding as possible.


Having over 10 years experience working as an accountant and bookkeeper, Ginny came to work for Pioneer Aero Service in 1995. From 2000 to 2004 Ginny began to work double duty by working in the same capacity at both Pioneer Aero Service and  sister company,  Square One Aviation. While enjoying her love of the P51-D Mustang she continues to learn more about the P51-D Mustang. “You learn something new every day.” It has been a joy talking to and getting to know her customers worldwide. In 2005 Bret decided to semi retire leaving Ginny to run the company in Bret’s absence.

“Working in this field with this beautiful aircraft and customers I consider friends, has been a blessing and a dream job. Not everyone can hear the roar of a rolls Royce engine from their desk!”  Ginny lives in Chino. She has three sons and four grandchildren. Together with her husband , she enjoys golf, traveling  and spending time with her family and friends.


With over 35 years experience in inventory control, purchasing, production planning and quality control, Greg joined the Ward team in 2001 at Square One Aviation. While spending most of his career manufacturing such mundane items as weapon systems and scientific equipment, the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself allowing Greg to use his skills while being around the most beautiful aircraft ever designed.

With the demise of Square One Aviation, Greg moved to Pioneer Aero Service in 2004.

In his position as Materials Manager, Greg is tasked with inventory control, production planning, interfacing with vendors, purchasing and quality control.

Greg says, “I really enjoy the fact that I get to use all of my skills in this smaller company as opposed to being stuck in the cubicle world of large manufacturers. Also, I get the chance to talk to people from all over the world supporting this magnificent airplane.”